Sunday, 16 December 2012

Oh That Ball Skirt

Purple Pump shoes
Skirt by my Aunt Nelly
Bolero by my Aunt Inong

Hello everybody ^^ How's your day. I feel so good lately since my college thingy goes very well.
The combo above made by my two aunts, bolero by Aunt Inong and skirt by Aunt Nelly. It was style I wore for attending a friend's wedding. It's coming the phase of my life to receive lots of wedding invitation; from school friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. It ends up by questions asking me (and other unmarried friends) about marriage soon. Hahahaha.. Nooooo, I am still 23 :p

Hope you all enjoy your weekend ^^


  1. cute outfit :). such amazing aunts!you'll get ur turn. in the mean time, just enjoy your single life, finish ur degree,and pursue ur dreams. it's important to find someone that really loves you, cares for you and respects you. so just take your time :)

    1. Thank you, Mia ~
      I can't stop smiling yet speechless to read your words :')
      Just thinking about married, I'm getting so nervous. Kkkkk

  2. cute!! your aunts are so cool :D

    visit my blog ^^

  3. wohooo ,,,,,,,cute outfit love the skirt


  4. Ketika Aziz Azizah Galau

    Aku hanya punya satu hati
    dan itu hanya untukmu.
    Aku hanya punya satu cinta
    dan itu hanya untukmu.
    Aku hanya punya satu kehidupan
    dan itupun hanya untukmu pula..
    Ketika Aziz Azizah Galau
    Waktu yang terus berputar tak kan mampu menghapusnya,
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    telah ku ukir di atas langit,
    dan ku tanam di dalam bumi.
    Agar kau tau
    bahwa cinta ini abadi selamanya.

  5. Loving this nice color combination :)


  6. i love ur bolero, btw married think...kita berada di fase yg sama nerima undangan, n bertanya2 kapan gilirankuuu?hehe...

    1. Makasiii ^^
      Huhuhhhuu.. Aku juga di fase lagi ditanya-tanya kapan wisuda..

  7. Duh duh, naksir roknya euyyyy.. ^O^


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